By Phan Soumy

Last Friday, on 21st May 2021, Goldfame Group was honored to be a sponsor of a moving orchestra in Hong Kong called “Spreading Love Through Music,” which has positively inspired and impacted many people lives, helping people to keep moving on and be optimistic about their lives, according to Goldfame Group’s director and CFO Ms. Catherine Chan and Dr. Ben Li.

The Orchestra featured a very young and talented singer Ms. Michelle Siu Hoi-yan, who unfortunately had both of her eyeballs removed at a very young age. She was only three months old when she had to undergo cancer surgery.

Despite her visual impairment, she didn’t give up. She pursued her dream in music and singing, helping her find a passion for moving on with her life. Her strong determination and gifted talent of a stunning voice allow her to inspire many people.

Ms. Hoi-yan is also a great pianist. She learned vocal music and piano at a very young age. She believes music is a universal language that enables one to communicate and share with others anywhere in the world, helping to spread positive messages.

Ms. Hoi-yan performed in a charity fundraising event for the first time in 2009. The event had inspired many people, especially the disabled audience, with her own life experiences and success. That first event allowed her to realize that she could bring more happiness and positivity to many people around her. Since then, she actively volunteers to sing and perform in charitable events to spread the message of love.

“It was an amazing night and experience to hear Ms. Hoi-yan sings so beautifully. We could feel that Ms. Hoi-yan has worked hard to pursue her dreams, including learning the language, singing, and musical instruments despite her physical difficulty. Her strong determination and good heart inspired us, and we are very proud and fortunate to be allowed to sponsor in her event that helps hundreds of people to live positively,” said Ms. Chan and Dr. Li.

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